UP House

We are UP House: A strength-based, restorative community of people who have had their lives disrupted by mental health challenges, and we believe recovery and independence is possible.

UP House

What is UP House

UP House is a community center in Montréal established in 2010. The founders aimed to create a place that eliminates social isolation and rebuilds the confidence, purpose, and community of adults living with mental illness. We are an evidence-based model referred to as a “Clubhouse,” and we are one of 320 clubhouses worldwide: the only clubhouse in Québec.

Our Model of Success

Fundamental is our belief that everyone has strengths and that mobilizing and sharing those strengths is the key to building hope and change. Clubhouses create opportunities for members to learn or practice skills to use towards their personal goals (such as returning to work or school or improving daily living skills), as well as aid with finding services such as housing, food banks, health care, or employment.

Working together - staff and members

At UP House, members and staff collaborate to help the community run smoothly.

Members are involved in all aspects of decision-making at UP House. Members and staff are part of a community where members collaborate in various tasks and activities at their own pace, entirely voluntarily, and based on their personal interests. No experience is necessary.

Some of our workday tasks


Health and Nutrition

In the kitchen, members and staff work side by side - menu planning, grocery shopping, and preparing daily meals together. UP House ensures members have access to a variety of nutritious food which helps members develop and maintain healthy eating habits.



The Administration Unit is to help make sure that UP House stays organized. Members interested in administration enter data, create posters on the computer, work at the reception area, and take care of social media posts on Instagram and Facebook.


Community Volunteering

UP House works hard to deepen its connection with the community in Montréal. We partner with the Montréal Museum of Fine Arts, the Jewish General Hospital, Vanier College, and McGill University where members actively participate in animating workshops, volunteering, and giving presentations.



Making outreach calls helps members stay connected with each other and build a friendly community with the goal of reducing isolation.



Taking care of plants and vegetables is a wonderful way to spend time and learn gardening skills. We also have an indoor hydroponics garden where we plant seedlings and grow herbs for our kitchen.


Radio Up Podcast

Radio UP is an online podcast station where members brainstorm meaningful topics and collaborate with staff to produce a podcast that is posted on the UP House website and on https://www.radio-up.org/.

Read the most recent edition of Lit UP

Lit UP is a literature and arts journal by UP House members,
which is made in collaboration with the larger UP House community.
The journal pools together the members' creative and artistic expressions
and opens our minds to endless possibilities.

Lit Up

How does UP House run?

UP House runs from 8:30 AM to 4:30 PM Monday through Friday.

Members may arrive and depart at any time during opening hours.

There are two check-in meetings. One at 9:30 AM and one at 1:00 PM. These are quick meetings where announcements are made, the day’s tasks are discussed, and members choose what areas they would like to participate in.

Attending the daily check-in meetings can help structure the day and is beneficial to new members.

Weekly schedules of all meetings, projects, and events are posted at UP House.


How does someone become a member at UP House?

A potential member, a family member, or a professional may call UP House to book a tour and ask questions. The tour gives the potential new member a clearer idea of what happens at UP House and the collaborative environment it offers.

To become a member, you must:

  • Be over 18 years old.
  • Have a history of living with mental illness.
  • Receive ongoing support from a mental health team.
  • Have no active problem with alcohol, drug use, or violent behaviour.


Academic Partnerships

UP House partners with academic students from McGill University and Vanier College. Students from Special Care Counseling, Dietetics, and Occupational Therapy have internship opportunities at UP House. These internships allow for the continuous enrichment of our programmes.


Community Partnerships

UP House is part of an important network of community and government organizations that give support and provide services to people living with mental illness in the Greater Montréal Area.


UP House is funded and supported by donors through Urban Pardes, a Canadian registered charity. Urban Pardes produces the annual Au Contraire Film Festival on mental health as an advocacy and fundraising vehicle.

Urban Pardes

We are grateful for the continued support of the PROGRAMME DE SOUTIEN AUX ORGANISMES COMMUNAUTAIRES (PSOC).


Have Any Questions?

Please reach out to us for any additional information or if you'd like to schedule a visit.